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Gouki V "Midnight" Street Fighter character esque Akuma BJJ GI

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Product Overview

This is the new Gouki V midnight or great demon GI from Submission Sniper Co. 

Suitable for black belts and white belts looking for a lightweight, tough build GI suitable for training and top competition. 

  • Navy pearl weave 450gsm jacket
  • 10oz ripstop fabric pant
  • Shoulder Rash guard lining purple flame
  • Pant tape with BJJ move joypad combinations
  • Double material knee pads
  • Red contrast stitching
  • High Quality embroidery on pant and jacket
  • White pant rope 
  • Embroided patch
  • Reinforced stress points on jacket and pants 
  • Triple/Quad stitching in most areas 
  • Pro cut, tailored fit

Please Note: This GI is a fan homage GI design, it uses no Capcom trademarks anywhere on this gi, it is NOT an official Capcom product neither is it being "passed off" or sold as as such.

Sizing Help - if you are between sizes or not sure which to chose i.e. A2 and A3, we always recommend choosing the LARGER SIZE.

We do not recommend choosing different pant and jacket sizes unless absolutely necessary. Always wash cold, hang dry, no machine drying.

A1: 5'4" - 5'8", 1,60 - 1,70m,    Maximum Weight 75Kg (Typically  A1 people wear small mans t-shirt)
A2: 5'8" - 6'0", 1,70 - 1,80m,    Maximum Weight 85Kg (Typically A2 people wear medium mans  t-shirt)
A3: 5'11"- 6'1", 1,80 - 1,90m,   Maximum Weight 95Kg (Typically A3 people wear large mans t-shirt)
A4: 6’1” - 6’4”, 1,90 - 2,00m,    Maximum Weight 120Kg (Typically A4 people wear L/XL mans t-shirt)
A5: 6’1” - 6’5”, 1,90 - 2,00m,    Maximum Weight120Kg+ (Typically A5 people wear XXL-XXXL mans t-shirt)
Pant Lengths Outside Leg Approx. measure your current pants as a guide!
A1: 95 cms (outside leg length), waist (width) 52cm
A2: 99 cms, waist 55cm
A3: 103 cms, waist 58cm
A4: 105 cms, waist 62 cm
A5: 108cms, waist 65cm












(No reviews yet) Write a Review