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Bjj GI Care Guide


    1. Wash in COLD WATER or 30 degress only! Hot water damages cotton fibres and aides color loss/bleed in some GIs (our GIs are specially designed with custom fabrics no to do this but colder washes are preferable). Wash for shortest time period possible. A cold hand wash for a few minutes is the optimum for any BJJ GI - low shrinkage (most of our GIs are pre-shrunk), low bleed, less damage to natural cotton fibres.
    2. Line or radiator HANG DRY ONLY machine drying is NOT RECOMMENDED due to shrinkage/bobbling in all GIs. Hang drying will maximize the life and minimize shrinkage.
    3. NEVER USE CHLORINE BLEACH. Colour friendly podwers only


What if my GI shrinks?
Most cotton GIs will shrink some after first wash and a little over time (our GIs are pre-shrunk and use special fabrics, shrinakge is at a minimum), always select the larger size if unsure when selecting a gi. When trying on your gi jacket for the first time a little over sized is perfect prior to washing. If your GI shrinks badly simply wet it and stretch/pull out to reshape and restore length. 

What if my GI is to big?
If you buy a gi and the jacket is a little big that is ok, first wash it cold and try it on, usually you will get some shrinkage so if a little oversized out the bag it should fit perfectly. If still too big increase the wash temperature slowly. When you get the right fit wash cold then hang dry for a short tim period.

What if my GI bobbles?
Simply remove bobbles with a high adhesive tape such as a car masking tape. Stick tape on to the problem area and remove or rip off.

What if my GI fades?
Cotton fabrics do lose colour after time, our GIs use a special dye that keeps fading to a minimum however you can re-dye using a reactive dye. Synthetic woven patches will likely keep there colour in the main, cotton patches or embroidery will however be dyed in this process,